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What About This Book?
Here are comments from some who have read it!

Thank you many times over for writing The Sword! I have been learning verses for some time, but you have sold me on the value of memorizing chapters in context. What a joy it is to recite my first whole chapter to bring each day to a close. It's MY chapter now! I've taught the Bible for many years but finally see that the most profitable form of study is simply writing his Word on my heart!

I appreciate your emphasis on the purpose of Scripture memory is to know its Author better. When I run into the occasional moments of drudgery, I just relax and remind myself, "May said to enjoy this?" Scripture memory is work, but it should never become an ordeal. Whether learning a new verse takes one day or two weeks, it doesn't matter. The same God wrote them both!! I can enjoy Him.

Your tips and testimonies are a BIG HELP! And thanks for all the encouragement you give families. I wish every church put a premium on helping families and children memorize God's Word by chapter and book. We would grow together in the knowledge of the Lord. We would certainly be better prepared for the days that lie ahead!


I met May McClure in March and was given her book, The Sword! Scripture Memorization: A Must for Today as a gift. I began to feel guilty immediately as I had attempted to memorize Scripture unsuccessfully through the years, and KNEW that this was not for me. Not because I don't love the Word of God, it is the Book of Life and it has guided my path for 35 years, but because I had come to the conclusion many years before that I could NOT memorize. I simply did not have a mind that could do it. At least, I thought I couldn't. However, I was fascinated with May and what she said. I decided to read her book with an open mind and see for myself if there was hope for me and if I truly could memorize Scripture.

I read it all, and by the time I finished, I was fascinated with the tools that she provided for me and became convinced that maybe there was hope for me to begin to memorize Scripture in context.

I asked God to help me on this new journey and chose Romans 8, not an easy chapter, but one that I love. It is now July and I have 9 verses memorized perfectly and the joy that I am experiencing is unexplainable. I love walking in the morning and have found that this is a perfect time to memorize. I'm rested and fresh. I am going slowly because I want to know the Word and externalize it and make it my very own before I go on to the next verse. I love saying it, rather than reading it. It is mine, it is in my heart, and it is affecting my life. It is a thrill to say it to others and to see it minister to hearts as no other words can.

I thank God every day for meeting May, for receiving her book, and for God' prompting to read it with an open mind. If I can memorize Scripture in context, ANYONE can, and I encourage you to begin. Your life will never be the same.


The Sword contains sound insights based on basic biblical truths. May eloquently states the simple yet compelling arguments which peel away the layers of complicated, confusing lies Satan has perpetrated on us regarding time and ability to memorize God's Word.

It is not a book to be read just once. With each reading it provides new motivation, enthusiasm and rejuvenation to seek and know God by memorizing another chapter or book of Scripture. It has excellent suggestions to encourage the novice and the expert, those who memorize quickly and those who need more time.

Live the joy of your salvation, seek and know Christ, be renewed in the attitude of your mind by hiding God's Word in your heart. This book will help to propel you on your way.


No one can read this book and not start to memorize Scripture. Read it and your life will never be the same.

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