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David: A Man After God's Own Heart
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A Promo Program is a complete program to be presented by people who love to memorize God's Word. It is not a drama. It is not mere entertainment. It is not intended to be a sterile memorization of parts. It is powerful and moving when presented by people who memorize God's Word because they love the Lord and seek to know Him better by absorbing His literal truth into their thinking and into their life.

These programs require about 12-15 quoters. It is best to discourage volunteers who want merely to memorize for the program although we encourage them to become involved in Scripture memorization to enhance their own spiritual journey and suggest that they might then be invited to participate in a future presentation.

A good mix of ages, sexes and occupations is recommended. We have had an octogenarian participate along with a pre-teen, an attorney and a farmer. The greater the variety, the greater the appeal.

In order for participants to memorize and be comfortable with their Scripture portions, they should receive information regarding the program several weeks before the scheduled time. Although we have used NIV in our script (unless otherwise indicated), everyone is encouraged to use whichever translation they prefer, with a few exceptions. It is not necessary to give the entire script to each participant, only a complete list of those preceding them with the Scripture they will quote and a paragraph or two of the text immediately preceding them.

The program is very simple and uses no props or gimmicks. We recommend three microphones, one for the narrator and two for quoters, all with pulpits or stands on which to set their material. With people coming from a variety of churches and locations, practice is kept to only one session. This is done about one and one half to two hours before the actual program begins.

If there is room, it is best to have chairs lined up in a single row on the platform for the participants. They can then move quickly to the microphone and return to their seats when finished. If there is not room for chairs on the platform, you can have a set of chairs on either side. Participants then enter from one side and exit on the other. It is important for this to be well planned and carefully explained to guard against gaps in the program waiting for people to get to the microphone. (Any disruption of a smooth presentation could distract greatly from your presentation.)

Also, in order for the program to flow without breaks, have your quoters come to the microphone one or two paragraphs before the preceding participant usually the narrators finished. Then they are in place and composed when it's their turn. It is important for them to put their Bible, open to their passage, on the stand when they come to the microphone and take it with them when they return to their seats. Even the most experienced quoters have memory lapses and find it necessary to refer to their text at times.

It is good to explain to the audience at the beginning that you appreciate their desire to encourage with applause, but ask that they hold it until the very end to avoid interruptions in the narration. You should then have participants stand to acknowledge applause.

In conclusion, have someone (other than the narrator) present a short, pithy challenge emphasizing the joy and blessing of memorizing Scripture. Be sure to counter the "Oh, I could never do that!" syndrome, by stressing that the participants are not just a gifted few, but only people like them who committed to memorizing God's holy Word for themselves.

Please feel free to contact us if we can assist in any way. If this is a dinner presentation, we may even be able to help with table decorations and menu.

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