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Comments from some who memorize...

Through reading S.O.S. booklets, God inspired me to start memorizing Scripture in context and His Holy Spirit helped me to learn Colossians and James — in a short time with great pleasure. It was like opening a window in a musty room — to feel the fresh breeze on my face. It opened my senses to the Lord, enabling me to hear His voice, know His character, see His blessings, feel His peace, taste His goodness. Now, I devour God's Word — feasting at His table while renewing my mind daily.


When I attended a Sword Of the Spirit workshop, I heard Scripture quoted from memory, by chapter and book. My heart was deeply moved by the power of the Word. I resolved to start memorizing starting with John 14. Memorizing the Word of God, in context, has driven it deeply into my being and caused me to ponder, meditate and digest it rather than lightly skim over the words. It has become a precious encouragement as well as a tool. It has become the life blood of my Christian walk. It opens up the Word to my heart as no other means can accomplish. It gives sustenance and rivets my heart to the Anchor so that I no longer drift. God uses it in untold ways to accomplish His purposes.


When first challenged to memorize Scripture — in context — I wasn't sure how to respond. I read my Bible and knew some verses but to memorize whole chapters seemed overwhelming. But I knew it couldn't hurt to try. So I called a friend and we decided to do it together. Once a week we get together to pray and memorize our verse for the week. Saying the words really didn't mean anything at first, but as we meditated on them and took each word into our hearts claiming it to be true, the power of the Holy Spirit became very evident in our lives. As we continue to memorize, our faith continues to grow and become bolder. This has become a very powerful way for us to strengthen our relationship with the Lord.


I had been under the loving conviction of God for many months regarding cigarette addiction. I was almost out of my mind trying to figure out how I could desire to do His will, and still choose to serve this idol at the same time. I was exhausted from the raging battle and worn out repenting.

Then I read Psalm 6. It pierced my heart. It was as if my prayer was in the Bible. I immediately began to memorize it. Every word was alive. It brought me to a depth of healing far beyond just deliverance from cigarettes. My body began to be restored from all the deception it had been fed; all the damage that had been done over the years, both physically and spiritually. I began to take back all that was stolen from me by the enemy in every area of my life. I could actually admit all my fears to my loving Father through his own words in Scripture. When I write it on my heart no one and nothing can ever take it from me.


When my wife of 25 years went home to Glory there followed a time of emptiness and loneliness. I battled with thoughts of self pity and temptation. In an effort to bring my thought life into captivity to Christ, I spent much time in His Word and began to memorize it. At first it was individual promises, or short familiar passages, then I decided to memorize the whole book of Colossians. That was a transforming experience. I saw things I had never seen before. I am now 81 years old and am still memorizing. I have memorized dozens of chapters, and entire books. (Ed: He has over 90 chapters in his repertoire.) As a retired pastor, I would especially encourage anyone who teaches the Word of God to take time to memorize whole chapters and books.


I liked the challenge of memorizing by chapter because I had never done it before. Growing up, I learned random verses but that was completely different. We don't (usually) read a book by looking at a few words here and then skip over to a couple of lines somewhere else. Solid continuity is important in any text. That's the way Scripture is written and that's the way it has to be memorized in order for us to understand it.

Memorizing Scripture has made the Word come alive and helps me to understand it in a way I couldn't otherwise accomplish. It has helped me to grow spiritually. I wish someone had prodded me to do this years ago. (Ed: Among other things, this middle-aged man has memorized the entire chapter of Psalm 119 and quoted it in church services on several occasions).


Finally mastered the 91st. Hooray! Now I'm going to memorize the first. (Ed: Psalm that is!)


I'm on the 5th verse in Isaiah 53. Slow! Well, I'm in my 90th year. I'm determined with God's help, I'll make it.

Comments from some who memorize
Scripture by chapter and by book!

There were passages of Scripture I had wanted to learn for years, but had convinced myself that I couldn't do it - so didn't even try. Then when challenged to memorize a chapter, I thought - Why can't I do that if I ask the Lord to help me? At 72, I find memorizing by chapter to be more difficult than it is for younger people, and it's getting harder all the time, but it's such a joy, I can't stop. I have a compulsive desire to learn more and more of God's Word.

I don't know why I was satisfied with random verses while growing up. If only I had learned by chapter when my mind was more receptive, it would have been so much easier. Also, while leading Jr. Church, I could have taught the children to memorize by chapter. Then they would have had God's Word in context to draw from throughout their entire lives.

I wish more would respond to the challenge of memorizing chapters. People don't know what they're missing. Sometimes they tell me they could never memorize like I do, but I disagree. I know they are as smart as I am. They could do it if only they would trust the Lord to help them - like I did.


I started memorizing Scripture with my mother when I was five years old. I am now ten and I memorize on my own! It has helped me be more truthful. Because I know the Word, the Holy Spirit can convict me easier. I have a stronger walk with God because of His Word that I have in my heart. I think everybody could have a better walk with God if they would memorize it. I will memorize Scripture my whole life. How about you?

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