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Free Tracts: We live in uncertain times. This tract is a vehicle to help impress fellow believers with the importance of securing God's Words in their heart - where no one can ever take it from them. It is printed on glossy paper and to quote one who ordered 250 copies, "It is unique, eye catching, to the point, and very effective."

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Please feel free to download material from the sites below for your own personal use or for your class. We are happy to provide this service for you free of charge, but please be aware that they are protected by copyrights and may not be altered or sold.

All materials below are prepared as Adobe PDF files.
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12-Week Study Course Based On Our Book The Sword! Scripture Memorization: A Must For Today: The exciting adventure of memorizing Scripture by chapter and by book has been life changing for many. This book and this study course encourage and inspire believers to take up the challenge for themselves. Why it is so important and how to make it happen is all part of the intrigue. The 12-lesson course accommodates any quarter-long Bible Study or Sunday School Series. It comes complete with Study Guide and Leader's Manual.

Okay! Where Do I Start? Anxious to get going? Here are some tips for a quick start.

Our Workbooks walk you through the process of memorizing an entire chapter of Scripture. There is a short commentary for each verse (or two), to stimulate your thinking, and then a progressive "fill in the blanks" to help impress the words on your mind and heart. Children, teens and adults find them great tools in getting started.

Hands on Learning: This is a lesson that walks you through the steps of memorizing the first chapter of Paul's first epistle to the Thessalonians. The procedures and techniques used illustrate how you can develop your own system of prompts as you go along. These, then serve to "trigger" your memory in review. (An audio tape of this lesson is also available.)

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A Joy to Share is a manual to encourage those who memorize Scripture to take others along with them. By starting a Small Memorizing Group they can provide a comfortable setting where fellow believers can memorize Scripture and grow together. This manual offers practical suggestions on how to get started and demonstrates how any enthusiastic memorizer can be a powerful influence in the lives of others.

Promo Programs are simple productions that take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to present. They are done before a live audience and are an effective way to introduce the power of memorized Scripture in a casual setting. Interest is stimulated as the life of a Bible character or a theme is presented by weaving narration into passages of Scripture quoted from memory. We have had great response using them at our annual promotional and fund raising dinners.

12-Week Study Course: Taking the Sword is a comprehensive Bible study to encourage and instruct in the memorization of Scripture by chapter and by book. It is designed for any quarter long Bible Study Series or Sunday School Class. Coming complete with a Leader's Manual and Study Guide for participants, it is an effective tool to emphasize the importance and joy of feeding our souls with pure memorized truth.

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Food For Thought: "How Big Is God?" is a short inspirational talk that incorporates memorized Scripture in its text. It is designed to help broaden our knowledge and appreciation for the great, wonderful Author of all that is good.

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