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These workbooks are designed to walk you through the process of memorizing a whole chapter. There is a short commentary for each verse (or two), to stimulate your thinking, and then a progressive "fill in the blanks" to help you impress the words on your mind and heart.

Several of the workbooks are designed especially for children, one for teens and the others are for all ages, although children will need adult guideance.

For Children:
      In His Shadow - Psalm 91
      In His Care - Psalm 121
      In His Steps - I John chapter 1

For Teens:
      Acts of the Apostates - The Epistle of Jude

For Everyone:
      A Happy Man - Psalm 1
      God Speaks - Psalm 19
      The Good Shepherd - Psalm 23
      The Joy of Forgiveness - Psalm 32
      Born to Die - Isaiah 53

Feel free to download these workbooks from this site for your own personal use. We are happy to provide this service for you free of charge, but please be aware that they are protected by copyrights and may not be altered nor sold.

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view these documents.
Click on the button to the left to download this free utility.

Please Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) Are not yet available for download.

Psalm 1 A Happy Man
A Workbook for Memorizing
Psalm 1

Psalm 19 God Speaks
A Workbook for Memorizing
Psalm 19

Psalm 23 The Good Shepherd
A Workbook for Memorizing
Psalm 23

Psalm 32 The Joy of Forgiveness
A Workbook for Memorizing
Psalm 32

Psalm 91 In His Shadow
A Workbook for Memorizing
Psalm 91

Psalm 121 In His Care
A Workbook for Memorizing
Psalm 121

Isaiah 53 Born to Die
A Workbook for Memorizing
Isaiah 53

1 John 1 In His Steps
A Workbook for Memorizing
Chapter 1 of
John's First Epistle

Jude Acts of the Apostates
A Workbook for Memorizing
The Epistle of Jude


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